About Christy

I am a life-long advocate of the underdog. As a child, I remember sticking up for the less fortunate, the ones that seemed to be cast aside. I wanted to befriend those people. They were (and still are!) my tribe.

As I was playing around with ideas of what I wanted to do with my life, I walked smack-dab into the calling for my life. To help. To serve. To fill a need and to add value to the world. I have taught and facilitated learning in a variety of forms, from early childhood to high school, with a specialization and a heart for people with special needs. I have had the opportunity to work and live with children that have come through the foster system. I have adopted a child of my own.

I know the challenges that families face. I have had to face many of my own and make very difficult decisions along the way. In many ways and forms, I still do.

I want to walk with you through yours.

Much LOVE.

Christy xoxo