A Journey


I’m finding myself on a bit of a journey at the moment. Yes, physically, I am on a journey, being as though we actually do travel in our RV full time.

But that’s not the journey I’m talking about.

The journey I am on is more of a health and wellness journey. A journey to feel better, look better and to BE better.

There are several things I am faced with that all seemed to be tied into the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s, a thyroid disease. It is something I have dealt with for the last 10 years. So, this is not a new revelation. What IS new is that that I have begun feeling much worse and other health issues seem to be creeping into my life.

I have been sitting with this discovery and wanting something better for me. I have a family that needs me to be my best, this is true. But this is something I want to do for me.

I am passionate about helping others, especially children and families, but if I don’t take care of me, then am I being as authentic and true as I can be?

A few things need to happen on this journey.

  • A change in diet. This is a hard one for me. Not that I don’t have the will power, but I don’t want to put others in an awkward position when they are not on the same journey.
  • More exercise. Traveling makes this difficult. But I always have places to walk or even run. There are fitness centers all over the country that I could access when we are in different locations. So, I need to research those options as soon as possible.
  • Doing more things that make me happy. Changing perspective on life and seeing it as an amazing journey in itself with new experiences available every day. Reminding myself of this daily is a needed practice.
  • People to connect with that may be traveling on the same journey. There is strength present when people come together to support one another and offer encouragement and yes, sometimes a little kickstart to motivate us to our truer and better self. I welcome that motivation!

Talk to me about your struggle. Maybe you are dealing with Hashimoto’s, maybe it is another condition or even a state of mind that you are finding yourself in.

I know we all have struggles that weigh us down. I have them. I don’t know anyone that, if they are being authentic, doesn’t have something that they struggle with. It is difficult to face those obstacles alone. Remember, there is strength present when we share honestly and openly with one another.

I want to share my life with you as openly as I can as I know there are others that can guide me to a healthier place to be. I also can offer it back in return. I want to offer it back in return.

So, I will offer this… As you proceed into your day remember that you are not alone. Remember that you are important and valuable. Whatever your struggle, it is worth it to take one step today toward taking care of YOU. Reflect on this and pay attention to what arises within you.

What steps am I taking today? A change in my eating habits, paying attention to what foods will actually feed me, body and soul. And because this is something that I have already begun working on, I’ll add in another step for today: establishing an exercise habit. This will push me to do something more, to become a healthier and better me. Hold me accountable to this, please, by asking how I am doing!

Change is awesome. Change inspires us. It lights a fire within us. Wanting to be better is not a bad thing, it’s not a place of non-acceptance. It’s a place of reclaiming who you were meant to be.

It is empowering.

So, go claim your power. And tell me about it…I would love to hear your story!

Christy xoxo


  1. Amy

    Hi Christy,

    I appreciate you sharing your journey. We seem to be on parallel paths in so many ways; thyroid, health and wellness, travel, RVs, etc.. Funny how God brings people together, huh?

    I’ll hold you accountable to exercise, and I would appreciate you doing the same for me. I know the struggle.

    Looking forward to talking with you more,

    1. christy (Post author)

      Amy, I’ve got your back 😉 Are you using a particular exercise program? I am actually adding yoga into my daily practice. It is easier on my body than some other strenuous exercise programs. Looking forward to more conversation with you!


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